Editorial Board
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The current members of the Editorial Board have been suggested by the Collaboration Board chairman and approved on the HERA-B Collaboration Board Meeting, May 16 th, 2003.

Editorial Board members: H. Kolanoski, Karl-Tasso Knoepfle, Mauro Villa, Yuri Zaitsev
Ex officio members: M. Medinnis
Chairman: H. Kolanoski

Responsible for the publication of the analysis of the run 2000 data are the members of the Old Editorial Board (Feb. 2000 - May 2003) : H. Kolanoski, P. Krizan, T. Lohse, P. Schlein, and the ex officio members M. Medinnis, B. Schmidt (until Sep. 2003)

Please take note of the Editorial Board Policy.

If you want to circulate a paper draft, we ask you to add a cover page with information on the paper version in front of it.

Authorlist, acknowledgments and cover page:

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