Presentations by HERA-B in 2002
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  Conference Location Date Speaker Title Status   Remark
  Lake Louise Winter Institue Alberta, Canada 17-23 February B.Giaccobe Measurement of the bbar cross section. Abstract
  8th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics Novosibirsk, Russia Feb 28 - Mar 6 A.Somov The HERA-B First Level Trigger Abstract
  Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG) Leipzig 18-22 March B.Schmidt Entwicklung und Test von Detektoren fuer extreme Teilchenraten: Was haben wir bei HERA-B gelernt ? Talk   Invitation
  Heavy Quark Workshop Dubna, Russia 27 May - 05 June A.Lanyov, R.Mizuk Measurement of the bbbar production cross section.
Measurememt of the Chic production.
BBar Talk
Chic Talk
  BEAUTY 2002 17 - 21 June M.Villa, T.Nunez Measurement of the bbbar cross section. HERA-B Trigger. Abstract Trigger Talk Accepted
  Charm Production: from Threshold via SPS to RHIC and LHC Trento, Italy 17-22 June M.Medinnis, T.Bauer Production of J/psi, chi_c, and B-mesons at Hera-B Abstract
MM Talk
TB Talk
  Quarks and Nuclear Physics 2002 Juelich, Germany 17-22 June W.Gradl Results from HERA-B Abstract
  5th Internatiopnal Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons Canada 25-29 June 2002 M.Mevius First results from HERA-B on charmonium and b quark production in pN collisions at sqrt(s)=42.6 GeV Abstract Accepted
  Quark Matter 2002 Nantes 18 - 24 July 2002 A.Zoccoli Results from the HERA-B Experiment Abstract Talk accepted
  31th International Conference on High Energy Physics Amsterdam 25-31 July 2002 P.Kreuzer Measurement of / Strange particle production / J/Psi production / Chic production / bbar cross section / in proton nucleous collisions. Abstracts Talk ppt ps Accepted
  International Conference on High Energy Interactions: Hadron Structure 2002 Canada 22-29 Sept 2002 First results from HERA-B on charmonium and b quark production in pN collisions at sqrt(s)=42.6 GeV Abstract No confirmation yet
  4th Topical Conference on Hadron Collider Physics Karlsruhe / Germany 29 Sep - 4 Oct 2002 Development, construction and operation of particle detectors for high rates: What we have learnt at HERA-B. Abstract withdrawn
  Workshop on Quarkonium CERN / Geneva Fall 2002 No title yet No Abstract yet  
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