Data Taking of HERA-B

This is the jump-off point to the practical documentation concerning the running of the HERA-B detector. From this point it is possible to work your way around the experiment to varying levels of details. The Data Sets are described by data taking period, with runlists that have links to the appropriate target and logbook information. The computations of physics that go into the planning for the data taking are available under a separate header. Finally, the heart of the matter is the documentation. The most important documents concerning how to take data, operate the detectors and monitor them are the first point. Other links to software packages are also available. Finally, in order to take data, shifts must be organized and this information is found under the Run Coordination page.

Data Sets

The July 97 Data Taking
The Sept 97 Data Taking
The Oct 97 Data Taking

J/Psi and Background Computations and plans for September/October 1997

J/Psi and Background Estimates based on FRITIOF/PYTHIA
J/Psi Estimates based ARTE/GEANT


  • Shift Documentation: how to run detectors (HV, Monitoring) and DAQ
  • Consumer online monitoring (upgraded dmon), IOL, AFRAME, DATPAK; Hints for fast control, how to document with DOC++
  • ARTE-Based Software (VDS, high-PT, OTR, ECAL, MUON, TRD, Target, Simulation, MC generation)
  • Run Coordination (shift schedules, personnel)

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