VDS Alignment

The alignment is done offline and decoupled from ARTE.

The results are stored in ASCII files. All of them can be found in


where XX is 02 or 03 giving the experiment number.

"Since the VDS geometry can be changed by the manipulators, a ZERO geometry

or NEDE is difficult to give. The TDR positions are to some extend only of

theoretical interest since the system has to meet the strict requirements of a safe

operation of the HERA accelerator". A list of alignment files for monte carlo are

listed below.

Naming scheme

All files has the following naming schemme:

gede.[run number]_[version number][xyz]RWA

For MC-production the following translation table (from S. Schaller) should

be used to relate HERA-B MC versions to alignment tables:

xyz gvers/sis

gede.11685xyz_2RWA : 99.1101/sis991101.dat & 99.1202/sis991202.dat

gede.xyz13406_5RWA : 99.1325/sis991325.dat

gede.14023_2xyzRWA : 99.0810/sis990810.dat

gede.14434_2xyzRWA : 99.0811/sis990811.dat 99.0812/sis990812.dat & 01.0701+01.1116/sis010812.dat

Author: M.Braeuer (Edited by F.Sanchez) December 2001.