How to get HERA-B News?

The Idea of news is to get them locally at your institute.

Please note that you do not need a special operating system for reading news! You can do this on many platforms as UNIX,VAX, MacIntosh, PC, ...
And there might be solutions without having a newsserver at your institute!

If you do not know anything about that stuff, have a look in the vocabulary. If you need further help, conntact me. I will help you as my time permits.

The HERA-B newsgroups are distributed -as newsgroups are in general- in a tree-like structure. The news are transported from one newsserver to the next. If you want to read or post news, you have to connect to a newsserver.

Most institutes have their own newsserver, but this is not a must. There are many institutes, which use newsservers of other institutes. So if you did not manage to access HERA-B, please check the list of institutes, to see wether there is a newsserver you can access or not. If the newsserver of your institute is declared as 'working', you should be able to access news in principle. For further details see "How to read news?". If it does not work, your first conntact person should be your local newsadministrator.

If there is no information for your institute, please consider if it might be possible to use the newsserver of a institute close to yours. This has to be discussed with the newsadministrator of that institute.

If there is no newsserver with HERA-B news you can use:

If your institute is in the USA,
you will get news from BNL. Please contact Morris Strongson, <> (or Maged Atiya, <> ). Please make clear, wether you want to read/post news directly from/to BNL or if you want a feed of the HERA-B news to the newsserver of your institute.
For other countries:
Ask your News-Administrator to contact H. Kammerlocher/Kars Ohrenberg, <> , +40-8998-3521/-2716. For German sites, they will set up a regular feed of the respecting news-groups. For foreign sites they will look if there are already sites having desy-news which are closer to your site to reduce net-traffic. It is not possible to read/post news from/to the DESY newsserver from outside DESY.
If you have problems conntacting the DESY news-people, feel free to contact me.
Apr-30-96 PJW