HERA-B Vocabulary on news

A small vocabulary on news

A news feed is an interaction between two news server: One news-server gives news it has recieved by other servers or by a direct post to the other news-server. A normal news user should never need to handle with that.
To send a followup to a news message means to post a message which is related to the specified one. Most newsreaders do a special sorting for followups.
is a system to distribute information to a large group of people using the possibilities of modern computer networks. Unlike mail, the people who want to get the message need not notify the sender, but can subscribe to a newsgroup and will then be informed of new messages when reading news.
is another word for newsgroup.
are collection of news of a specific topic, e.g. for the HERA-B RICH or the DESY Vax-Cluster. When posting news, you have to specify to which newsgroup your message should be posted.
are programs to read news. Most newsreader are able to post news too. The only newsreaders for UNIX I know off which are pure newsreader are "Tin" and "Xrn". But there are many other newsreader for MacIntoshes and PC and there are programs for UNIX which can read (and post) news among other things. Examples for that are recent versions of "Pine", which is a nice mailing programm too, and most WWW-browsers, as there are "Lynx", "Mosaic" and "Netscape". The actuall action of newsreaders is to connect to a newsserver and getting the (new) news from it and posting written news to it respectivly.
News Server
is a computer (and the respective software) which servers for distributing news. You have to connect to a News Server for reading or posting news by a newsreader. The name of the news-server must be known by your newsreader. If the newsreader is not given by default and you do not know it, try news.<your_site>.<your_domain> as name.
The news should be destributed among the news servers automatically, so that every user who wants to read or post news can connect to "his/her" site specific news server without bothering about distributing the news to other sites. The news will only be fed to those news-servers which are specified by the actual configuration and are only allowed by news-servers which have the explicit permission.
is the commonly used word for writing a news and sending it to one or more newsgroups. This means actually that the message is send to the news-server one is connected to.
is a mechanism to distribute news as news feed, but one news-server is asking for new news ("polling") rather than the other is feeding the news by itself.
The poll mechanism is not used at DESY.
See News Server
Sending a reply to a news article is either the same as replying an e-mail - you e-mail your comments to the author of the article you are replying to - or is another word for sending a followup.
to a newsgroup can be done by any newsreader that makes use of the .newsrc file. It means to set up this file in such a way, that this newsgroup will be included in the list of newsgroups which the newsreader shows or checks for new news when invoked.
A thread is the collection of a message and the messages which were posted as followups to that message or to the followups of that message.
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Apr-19-95 PJW