About the "HERA-B only" documents


On this server there are some protected documents. The access of those documents is restricted to HERA-B members.

If you want to access the "HERA-B only" documents, you are asked for a username and a password. This authorisation has nothing to do with any other existing computer account, this username and password exists only for this WWW server and none other will work.

If you are a member of the HERA-B Collaboration, but you do not know a valid username with the correct password, please try to find somebody who knows one at your institute.

No password has changed since the server was set up in 1994. That means, if your password does not work, you propably misspelled it.


In case your are worrying about an document you accessed without giving a password, there is a simple rule to check wether you should have been asked for authorization:
All documents which should only be seen by collaboration members contain a /herab/ in the path of the filesystem and hence in the URL you see e.g. in the "Location:" field of Netscape.

In case, you want to protect the documents you provide yourself on this server, the answer is the same: Just create a subdirectory named herab and put the documents there.

Last Changed Aug-14-97 by PJW