Fast Control System

Fast Control System

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Reponsible for Project Thomas Fuljahn
Coordinator of Subsystem Dominik Ressing
Status of Project up and running


The Fast Control System (FCS) is designed to synchronize the detector, assign the detector signals to events and identify events. Therefore it distributes signals to the Front End Drivers (FED). Among these signals are the bunch clock, the FED specific delay between bunch clock and detector signals, the current event number and event numbers of First Level Trigger (FLT) accepted events. For testing purposes there are additional test signals, reset signals and different triggers which can be enabled independantly. Additional topics are histogramming of reasons why FLT accepted events cannot be read out and histogramming of the time the FLT needed to accept an event. The FCS consists of one central "mother" unit, a two-stage signal distribution system and a "daughter" board in each FED crate (for full HERA-B approximately 210 daughters).


Sorry, since the hard disk crash on the DESY WWW server the hardware and software specifications are not anymore available. Remaining is the german Monitoring specification.


last update 16. July 99
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