ECAL data quality control

Data quality control is beeing checked by ECAL_status program.For each channel it generates corresponding status flag:

0 Aquamarine Channel OK
1 Light gray Only pedestal (max channel less than 50 from pedestal)
2 Orange red Broken ADC (gaps, needles)
3 Blue violet Zero or negative pedestal
4 Yellow Empty channel (not in the buffer) or should not be considered
5 Light sea green Big pedestal RMS (but looks gaussian)
6 Blue High voltage trip
7 Violet red Pedestal is too close to 0 (less than 1.5 sigma)
8 Orange Pedestal > 500 ADC channels or smooth spectrum nonreguliarities
9 Chocolate Non-gaussian pedestal( More than 2 peaks )
10 ForestGreen Two-peak gaussian
11 Cyan Duplicated spectra
12 Pink Nonstable pedestal
13 Black Hot channel
14 Magenta Nonstable gain

Status flags 12, 13, 14 are reserved for the future and CURRENTLY ARE NOT USED

flag+20 - means that channel not always was present in the buffer( yellow background ).
flag+40- means that duplication of information occured during the run( pink background ).

Colours refer to visualization by means of show ECAL status program.

For bad channels mean pedestal value and sigma are set to 0


Sergey Shuvalov