ECAL status flags visualization program

Results of data quality control check could be visualized by show_ECAL_status program.

Program :

  • is based on graphical user interface developed by Boris Bobchenko

  • and uses HERA-B ECAL database interface provided by Mauro Villa
  • To start the program:

  • log on any Linux PC as hbecal

  • run-show_ECAL_status [command line parameters]
  • where

    Command line parameters( optional ) could be

  • -major number1
  • -minor number2

    - to define database tables. As a default latest tables will be loaded.

  • To change database tables:

  • In menu 'File' choose 'Configure'. Then Configure Shell window should arive

  • In Configure Shell window input major and minor numbers you want.
    ATTENTION: after number defining you should press 'Enter' on keyboard

  • Close Configure Shell window( Press button 'Close')

  • In menu 'File' choose 'Refresh'

    To save picture:

  • In menu 'File' type 'Write pixmap'. Then in Dialog Shell define file name filenameyouwanttosavepicture.xpm

  • Type 'OK'. Then on the left side of window counter will arrive.
    At this moment picture saving could be CANCELED by typing 'Write pixmap Cancel' ( also in menu 'File')

  • Resulting picture could be opened for example with 'xv' program

    To see legend window:

  • In menu 'File' type 'Legend'. Legend Shell window should arive

    To exit:

  • In menu 'File' type 'Quit'.

    On-line help is available through

    run-show_ECAL_status -help

  • Sergey Shuvalov