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This is the Web-Page of the Target Subgroup of the Hera-B Experiment. This page is best viewed with Netscape. If your link is slow please turn off the 'Auto Load Images' option.

You can read articles posted in our newsgroup Desy.Hera-B.Target here. The minutes of our weekly Target Group Meeting are posted in the Newsgroup.

Perhaps you want to have a look at our Last Year Homepage with data, documents and more information.

If its getting boring you may read Christophers adoption of a german folksong Guter Draht (in german)

And don't forget visit our new Target Monitoring System Homepage

Online Information

Run 1999: Schedule, Plans, Runoverviews and Pictures

RUN 1999: Shift Information & Docu

Run 1999: Electronics and Counters


Target Mechanics

Description Of Software Enviroment - Not updated 1996 -98 stuff

Talks And Other Documents (not yet revised)

You Find Older But Still Important Stuff: Previous Years Docus, Talks And Thesis
  The Target Group 
Michael Symalla
Klaus Ehret

Last modified: Fri Jan 8th 1999