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Broken wires statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

What's happened What to do
High Voltage program (tar_hv) crashed and can't be restarted
  • make sure there is no target operation (you will switch of the counters)
  • go to the trailer, 2nd floor
  • find the left of our two racks
  • find the "hv-connect" VME module next to hb-vme30, third crate from the top
  • reset it by pressing the "reset" button (the hv-module, NOT the vme-crate, target is running on this cpu!)
  • find the hv controller (SY127) at the top
  • switch it off and on using the key
  • restart tar_hv
  • select all counters
  • switch them off and on
  • check the VMON (between 1000 and 1500V) and IMON (between 300 and 500muA) settings

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