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The assembly of OTR frames and the preparation of cables, TDCs, ASDs, feed-through boards (FTBs), HV boards, etc. requires to develop the distribution of the readout electronics.
This rather complicated due to the non-regular OTR geometry, large number of channels (nearly 120,000), tight space inside the outer frame not allowing the cable sorting.

These distributions are shown below.
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Documents for 2000/2001 shutdown, Connect diagrams, FTB, Modules, Signal cable lengths, TDC, TDC cable lengths, TLB, LV, "Rame", MSL1, MSL2, Mini-TC, HV, HV test results, Full tables, Statistics, Labeling, Related documents,

Documents for 2000/2001 shutdown

Data files

OTR cabling statistics

  • Number of ASDs per various superlayers and sectors
  • High voltage cables - statistics
  • ASD-8, TDC boards, LV boards
  • FTB boards


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