Outer Tracker Mail Server

Outer Tracker Mail Server

The computer center has created a mailing list for
us (the HERA-B Outer Tracker group) with the address:


In the future, please use this mailing list, instead
of your private Outer Tracker mailing list.

I have already subscribed a list of people starting
from a list that I took from one of Andreas's mails.

If you are not yet in the list, but would like to subscribe (or you are in
and would like to unsubscribe)  you can do this yourself by sending a mail
to mailserv@desy.de with (one of) the following lines in the body: 

SUBSCRIBE hera-b-otr Albert.Einstein@desy.de


UNSUBSCRIBE hera-b-otr Albert.Einstein@desy.de

or to get the full list of subscribed people:

SEND/LIST hera-b-otr

or to get a list of all possible commands:


Ivar Siccama is the administrator of this list, so please contact
Ivar.Siccama@desy.de for any questions.