ARTE online

Andreas Gellrich   Last modified: Mon Nov 27 15:55:22 MET 2000

Jose Hernandez    Last modified: Tue Jan 14 11:53:52 MET 2003

The table below keeps track of the history of ARTE-executables which run on the 4LT farm online and were used for reprocessing. To get the corresponding kumac, follow this link and use the interface you find at the bottom of the page.
Date ARTE Patches Usage Comments Kumac
Nov 2002 04-01-r3 grover, event classification online and repro 3 keybook 27 for repro 3 -
Jan-Feb 2001 03-08-r5 - rp0002 keybook 14 for runs 15xxx rp0002_keybook13_kumac
08 Nov 2000  03-08-r2  grover/GroverAddToRVER.C  rp0001 GMB  rp0001_gmb.kumac
not installed  03-08-r1 
not installed  03-07-r9 
not installed  03-07-r8 
not installed  03-07-r7 
not installed  03-07-r6  rang/Node.C farm/faARTE.C reco/rc99AStandAlone.C 
11 Aug 2000  03-07-r5  dq, farm, l4trig, reco  rp0001 single-lepton & J/Psi  changes in pre-selection and l4 trigger steering  dst.kumac, rp0001_lepton.kumac
09 Aug 2000  03-07-r5  dst.kumac
03 Aug 2000  03-07-r4  Rev0614, libotr-1-2, faUtil.C, l4tEvnt.C, rcevnt.C, rcstop.C  new ONLINE and OTR lib releases  dst.kumac
31 Jul 2000  03-07-r4  Rev0614/librhp.a, faUtil.C, l4tEvnt.C, rcevnt.C, rcstop.C  bug cure in event indexing  dst.kumac
28 Jul 2000  03-07-r4  Rev0614/librhp.a  /RISE/BOOK rtra=1  dst.kumac
21 Jul 2000  03-07-r3  Rev0614/librhp.a /RECON/PID RICH ON RITER RISE (Denis)  dst.kumac
17 Jul 2000  03-07-r3  Rev0614/librhp.a  dst.kumac
14 Jul 2000  03-07-r3  Rev0614/librhp.a; reco  test release  dst.kumac
10 Jul 2000  03-07-r2  DQ_RICH, farm, reco  rhp_publish() tests  dst.kumac
30 Jun 2000  03-07-r2  DQ_RICH, farm, reco  dst.kumac
23 Jun 2000  03-07-r1  dq, reco  minor modifications  dst.kumac
20 Jun 2000  03-07-r1  dst.kumac
13 Jun 2000  03-06-r9  dq, farm, reco  ranger/fpar rlevel=5 segstor=Y fit=0  dst.kumac
08 Jun 2000  03-06-r9  dq  refit off  dst.kumac
07 Jun 2000  03-06-r9  dq  minor modifications  dst.kumac
05 Jun 2000  03-06-r9  dst.kumac

For details also refer to the ARTE library version history page.