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The online event reconstruction farm of the HERA-B experiment consists of almost 200 CPUs in commodity dual-processor PCs, running Linux. Each node contains two Intel-PIII/500 MHz CPUs, 256 MB SDRAM, and a 13.6 GB harddisk. Up to 15 PCs are grouped as mini-farms and are connected to a Fast-Ethernet switch. The mini-farm switches are linked to a central switch which has a GigaBit-Ethernet uplink to the DESY computer center mass storage facility.
The farm has been running successfully throughout the year 2000. More than 8 TB of data were recorded during the last running period which ended in August 2000. Since then the farm is used for event data re-processing.
This is how the farm looks like ......

4LT Farm
Status: December 1999 (AG)

... for more details here are some images.

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