All about fibers...for OTR and ITR

1a. Overview of all installed bundles and Patchfibers for the OTR and ITR

1b. Overview of all installed bundles for MUON

2. Connection tables for the OTR
    (LInkboard-link -> Patchfiber Crate-Fiber -> Fiber bundle-fiber (Position in Patchpanel) -> TFU Receiver)

Ordered by link            Ordered by TFU receiver

TC 2 -X                      TC2-X

TC 1 -X                      TC1-X

PC4 -X                        PC4-X

PC1 -X                        PC1-X

TC2 +X                           TC2+x

TC1 +x                            TC1+x

PC4 +X                           PC4+x

PC1 +X                            PC1+x

3. How the Patchpanels should look like for

TCs +X and PCs +X

TCs - X and PCs -X

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Last update on 30-11-1999

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