The Track Finding Unit (TFU)

The Track Finding Unit is used to look for track candidates generated initially by the pretriggers. The TFU tries to find a track out of the pretrigger data through all the tracking layers. If a track is found until PC01 the parameters of this track are passed to the TPU.


TFU JPEG ( (Feb 2000)
TFU Top View JPEG (Feb 2000)
TFU Top View II JPEG (Feb 2000)


TFU Lookuptable chart V4 PS (Mar. 2000)
TFU Lookuptable chart V3 PS (Mar. 2000)


TFU LUT Documentation (December 2001)
Hardware Documentation
Wire Memory Documentation
Pipeline flow documentation TFU V4 PDF
Pipeline flow documentation TFU V3 PDF


Contact Person: Holger Fleckenstein