The Track Parameter Unit (TPU)

The Track Parameter Unit is used to calculate the kinematic parameters of tracks which passed all the track layers up to PC 01.


TPU Top View JPEG (113K) (Jan 1998)
TPU Back View JPEG (110K) (Jan 1998)


Extrapolation chart EPS 11K (Mar. 2000)
TPU Lookuptable chart EPS 84K PS 84K (May 2000)
TPU Enable scheme EPS 14K (Mar. 2000)


TPU Documentation PS 3.1 M (May 2000) Attention: Docu is still under developpment
Hardware Documentation PS 3.1 M (Nov. 1998)
Pipeline flow documentation PDF 685K (Aug. 1998)
Message and Process definition PS (DIN A4) PS (booklet version) OLD !


TPU Pretrigger Lookuptables  (J. Flammer) Hera-B week Feb. 2000
Simulation des First Level Triggers von Hera-B zur Untersuchung der Triggerperformance (J. Flammer) DPG Mar. 1999
Analysis of the TPU Performance (J. Flammer) Hera-B week Feb. 1999
FLT kinematics reconstruction (F. Ratnikov) Hera-B week Feb. 1999


Preliminary Software Documentation  Attention: Docu is still under developpment


Contact Person: Joachim Flammer