HERA-B  Beam-pipe

Different versions of the beam-pipe:

Beam-pipe '96 and '97 (9/2/98):   (Pictures of assembly)   (Pictures of complete pipe)

The most important parameters of the Al-pipe, which is made out of cylinders with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm, can be found in dimensions of 0.5 mm beam-pipe.
Beam-pipe '98/99 (12/08/99):

This pipe is based on the '96, '97 pipe going up to the RICH entrance window. An Al pipe with 5mm wall thickness was welded to that. The geometry of this pipe which was installed in HERA-B till April '99 is described in this file.
Beam-pipe '99 (12/08/99):

After many iterations, the final layout (version 10g) has been designed. This pipe is made from 0.3 mm Al. In order to increase the stability, the individual cylinders are "folded". The shape of the pipe indicating the positions of the inner tracker modules is given.
However, due to various technical problems (see Coll. Meeting, July 19th-23rd, 1999) the realisation of this pipe failed which forced us to install during the spring shut-down (May '99) a less ambitious version. This pipe is essentially the same one as it was used up to now (see beam-pipe '99). Pictures of these pipes can be found here.
Beam-pipe 2000 (18/02/00):

The beam-pipe which has been installed in the Xmas shut-down '99/2000 has a wall thickness of 0,5 mm and is made of Aluminium. To avoid any risk (see above), this pipe is produced by mechanical milling. A table with the geometrical details of the beam-pipe 2000 as well as the shape of beam-pipe 2000 are given here.
The geometry of the spare beam-pipe can be found as well.
Beam-pipe 2001 (13/07/01):   (Pictures)

During the lumi shutdown a new beam-pipe with less material was produced. The wall thickness varies from 0,3 mm in the beginning till 0,60 mm. The pipes will be milled mechanically and press-formed in order to obtain the required stability. A table with the geometrical details of the beam-pipe 2001 as well as the shape of beam-pipe 2001 are given here.
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