HERA-B Infrastructure:

Gas Systems, Electricity


Gas Systems (latest update 02/07/99)

The gas supplies, mixing devices and gas purification systems for the individual detector components will be installed in a gas hut which is placed in front of the hall West on the parking place. This hut is assembled from 8 containers with 3x6 m**2 each. There are 2 containers for gas storage, 4 for gas mixture and purification, the remaining containers are for control electronics.
The mixed detector gases will be transported to the detector using stainless steel tubes with an outer diameter of 8 - 54 mm through the shaft 152 to the third floor of the electronics trailer. There the gas mixtures will be distributed to the different chambers using flexible gas tubes (see gas summary).

Summary on gas systems (02/07/99)
Layout of external gas hut (02/07/99)
Layout of panel for gas pipes, external gas hut (02/07/99)
Layout of panel for gas pipes, 3rd floor of trailer (02/07/99)
3rd floor of electronics trailer (28/1/98)
Space assignment for gas mixers (27/8/97)
Detailed list of gas pipes (in German) (29/6/99)


Electricity (latest update: 05/11/99)

The power distribution scheme of the HERA-B experiment as well as the electric power consumption are documented in this list . In addition, all control rooms in the West Hall as well as the electronics hut,the gas hut and the five detector platforms are included as well. There are four different kinds of electrical power supplies:

If you want to know which power distribution is switched off in case of an alarm, please consult this page on alarms .
If you want to know how to reset the Not-Aus buttons and how to power up trailer and detector, please consult this page on Not-Aus .


Edited by J. Spengler, latest update 05/11/99