HERA-B Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation of the HERA-B detector is provided by the central design-pool (W1) at DESY/Hamburg. The CAD program used for this purpose is I-DEAS Release 6 (SDRC/USA). Such a system has the following benefits: If you need files in special formats, or have any suggestions or comments, please contact H.B. Peters who is the head of the HERA-B 3D-team.

The most important z-positions (including the results of the most recent detector survey) of all detector elements (last update 18/07/00) are available as Postscript-file and PDF-file. for the geometry 2000

and the new geometry 2002 (last update 14/12/01): Postscript-file and PDF-file..

Drawings and Pictures of the HERA-B Detector

  1. Complete Detector and West Hall
  2. Subdetectors and Details
  3. Fabrication Drawings (Assembly Drawings only)
  4. Color Pictures
All the abovementioned ps-files can be found on: /hb/www/doc/subgroup/installation/technical_w1
Edited by J. Spengler and Hans-B. Peters, latest update 12/12/01