Steering Parameters

All software packages use IOL for the input of steering parameters. Parameters can either be set using an ASCII file and a command line parameter indicating this file, or are read from a special database table (viz., ITR/Steering). Both the ASCII file and the database use the IOL syntax, i.e. parameters are given in the form
value module parameter
Some of the most important parameters are listed below:
Module Parameter Description
ITR_marvin clusterfinder 1: Katharina Müller's Clusterfinder
2: T. Zeuner's clusterfinder using the noise of each strip
3: A. Lange's clusterfinder, developed for use with sparsified data
ITR_marvin minDiff find start of cluster (used for clusterfinder 1)
ITR_marvin pulseHeight cut on cluster height (used for clusterfinder 1)
ITR_marvin seedcut beginning of cluster: signal**2 > seedcut * variance (used for clusterfinder 2)
ITR_marvin chi2cut cut on cluster significance (used for clusterfinder 2)
itrleda setup database database server or file where the static setup information resides
itrleda align database database server or file where the alignment constants (table ITR/Align) is kept
itrleda mon database database server or file with ITR/Noise, ITR/Ped, ITR/Chanstat

Online Processes

Since reading from the database generates a high amount of network traffic if all 200 SLT processes are started, the complete setup and monitoring information is read by exactly one process itrfmt and transferred to the SLPs using RPM broadcasts. Which database servers and which revisions of the tables are used is determined by entries in the keytable.

Starting from libitr6-16, also the offsets of the analogue data within one FED block are distributed using this mechanism. If no other steering file is read in, all other parameters are taken from the compile-time defaults. An additional steering table can be introduced should the need arise.

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