HERA-B VME/LynxOs Online Cluster

under construction and revision

Reponsible Coordinator Klaus Ehret

Purpose of System

System Overview

The HERA-B VME cluster consists of approx. 100 diskless VME CPUs (Crate Controllers): hb-vme01, hb-vme02, ...., hb-vme99.
All VME CPUs are built by CETIA and operated under LynxOs.
They have PowerPC processor (either a 601 with 100 MHZ, 604 with 150MHz or 604e with 200/300 MHz), with 32 MB or 64 MB memory on board, 10Base or 100Base ethernet interfaces, serial line and scsi interfaces.
The boot server - and NFS-homedirectory server is located on the on the hblynxs machine, a dual processor Pentium machine 466MHz operated under Linux.
Together with several other Linux machines (approx 20) a NFS cluster is setup with common users, passwords and disks on all machines. A list of Linux machines: The vme home directories are accessible from the online Linux machines under: /home/Lynx/C604/Home/ - for LynxOs 2.3 (sim. to /OldHome)
and: /home/Lynx/C604b/Home/ - for LynxOs 2.5
A memo was posted after the upgrade (18.Jan. 00) Memo: Upgrade of Online Linux Cluster

User Support / FAQ /Docs

Machine Overview / Usage

You can have a look on a detailed overview of the:
  • VME-CPUs: list by M.Bathe 1999
  • VME-CPUs: updated list by K.Ehret - ordered according usage by subgroups
  • bootpfile of installed VME CPUs


    last update 16.April 2000 editor: K.Ehret