Instructions for running the ECAL

Responsible for this sheet: M. Bruschi,, phone: 1982

On-call expert

What to do if the expert is not reachable

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ECAL pi0 calibration run

The pi0 dedicated run

is aimed to collect special kind data for ECAL calibration. Please, read the instruction to setup the pi0 Calibration Run . The second level processes will concentrate on the pi0 candidates and will fill ntuples with the invariant mass of candidates. At the same time, the automatic process will gather ntuples and provide control histograms. The shift crew must check that pi0 data is collected in proper way.

Main step of pi0 calibration run

Monitor of pi0 data taking:

During pi0 calibration the online control histograms are provided to shift crew to control the procedure. Please, used standard Data Quality tools to display them (DQdisplay). Pi0 control histograms should be found there among others.

There are 9 pi0 histograms. The names are self-explaining. Please, pay special attention to the following histograms :
  1. "ClusterX vs ClusterY" - position of clusters used for analysis. The distribution should be smooth from the center to the edges. On the border of INNER-MIDDLE parts you can see increase of the occupancy. Also the channels with no readout are seen. Important that there is no channel which is too high with respect to the neighbours.
  2. "Invariant mass", "Background" - histograms present invariant mass of clusters from the same and mixed events. You should see a signal in the first and no signal in the second histogram. The signal looks quite broad and it sits on high background, however there must be a difference between 2 histograms in the region of .135 GeV/c^2.
  3. "Cluster energy" - 2 histograms present a energy spectra of the clusters used for analysis. They must be smooth with clear decrease and no extra peaks.

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What to do if I don't understand the instructions on this page

If you feel it could adversely affect the quality of the data being taken, contact the on-call expert. In any case, send an e-mail to the responsible for this page.


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