Monte Carlo production in the online FARMs

Author: Jose Hernandez, e-mail:, office: 7224 (Zeuthen), 4846 (Hamburg), mobile 01704509401

  1. Starting the DAQ gui for MC production

  2. In hb-cr10 in the hbshift account execute the command  /online/ONLINE/pro/Linux_intel/bin/start_mc)
  3. Configuring the DAQ for running MC production

  4. Click on "New Run". The run configuration window will pop up. In the list of run types click on "MC". The MC menu pops up. Select one of the items in the list and press OK. You get a yellow window with the MC generation configuration (process code, geometry version and wire mask), and the statistics to be produced corresponding to the item you have selected. Dismiss this window and click OK at the bottom of the run configuration window. Click OK in the window that pops us asking you if you are ready to start the run. The run control GUI will show up.

  5. Starting the run

  6. In the run control window press the "Menu" button and then "create". All the processes will be created in the same way as in a normal data taking or reprocessing run. When the system is in the INITIALIZED state, press "Ready" to bring the system to the READY state and then press "Start" to bring the system to the RUN state.

That's it! The run control GUI will show the number of MC events generated. The events are archived automatically to tape.
The run control system counts automatically the statistics already produced for each configuration. If you stop the MC run before reaching the desired statistics, next time you restart the MC production with the same configuration only the remaining statistics will be produced.