Instructions for Running the Muon Detector

Responsible for this sheet: Maxim Titov,, phone: 4692

On-call experts

What to do if the expert is not reachable:

Please attempt to contact the subsystem coordinator (Maxim Titov, 4692)

Muon Pretrigger instructions

RICH Multiplicity Veto instructions

NOTE: This page is currently being updated for data-taking in 2002. Please contact the Muon System On-Call Expert in case of any question

Contents (2000 Data-Taking)

How to check the detector

In the Muon System, you need to perform a check of the gas system once per shift. A complete description is found in the Instructions for the Muon Detector Checklist.


How to run the detector

To turn the Muon System on or off, you need to be concerned about the high voltage. You also need to be aware of the various alarms the Muon system can generate. A guide is found in the Instructions for Running the Muon Detector.


How to know that the detector is properly synchronized and sensible

Look at the data quality monitor and listen for the various Muon alarms. If these don't assure you, contact a Muon Expert.


What to do if I don't understand the instructions on this page

If you feel it could adversely affect the quality of the data being taken, contact the On-call Expert. In any case, send an e-mail to the person responsible for this page.


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