Instructions for Running the RICH Multiplicity Veto

Responsible for this sheet: Ulrich Husemann,, phone: 4993

The RICH Multiplicity Veto is served by the Muon Pretrigger On-Call Expert


How to run the RICH Multiplicity Veto

The RICH Multiplicity Veto is booted with the DAQ, if the component VETOR is chosen as a component in the run configuration GUI.

Note: The RICH Multiplicity Veto is active by default!
You deactivate the RICH Multiplicity Veto by deselecting the menu item Run Cfg - VETOR settings - VETOR inhibit

Of course the system doesn't deliver reasonable data without the RICH being actived (i.e. running LV and HV). In case of problems with the RICH detector call the RICH on-call expert. Choosing the component RICH in the run configuration is not necessary but recommended.


How to use the RICH Multiplicity Veto as a hardware interaction trigger

In the run configuration GUI: Note that choosing IATRIG modifies the FCS settings (FSC latest accept). Hence other triggers, e.g. the FLT, cannot be run in parallel with the hardware interaction trigger!

What to do if the RICH Multiplicity Veto crashes and blocks a state transition

The RICH multiplicity veto is initialized in the state transition CONFIGURED->READY. The initialization takes about 45 seconds. If it takes much longer than that, please follow these instructions: If the problem is still there after power-cycling the crates:

What to do if I don't understand the instructions on this page

If you feel it could adversely affect the quality of the data being taken, contact the Muon Pretrigger On-Call Expert. In any case, send an e-mail to the person responsible for this page.


Ulrich Husemann
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