SLT simulation in ARTE

Simulation of the Second Level Trigger is available in ARTE from release 03-08-r7.
It works in two steps:
  1. daqif - Transformation of the Monte Carlo data into the raw data format "daq". (Done by the ARTE package "daqif".)
  2. sltsim - Invocation of the Second Level Process (SLP) emulator. This includes filling of the ARTE tables which contain the response of the SLP. (Done by the ARTE package "sltarte".)

User instructions

  1. To use daqif, you need to ...

  2. The instructions for using the SLT simulation are different depending if you try to simulate the 2000 or the 2002 conditions (or later).

Created by Lars Sözüer.
Last update 29-Oct-2002.
Update 18-May-2002 (Teresa Núñez).