ARTE-01-07-r2 release note

The second sub-release of ARTE-01-07 version is installed in the directory:
The link ARTE-01-07 -> ARTE-01-07-r2 is set .

The features of ARTE-01-07-r2:

Distributive tar file and more documentation is available from WEB:

The following codes were changed:
arte bin calb database dd digi doc examples gean geo kart kuip l1si pyth rang reco v0fit vt


alspec.F - bug correction
atinit.F - call for the inizialiation of the database stuff is added
atkuip.cdf - STAGEing comments are added
atstop.F - Call for UTSTAGE is added to perform the final disk cleaning.
DB: a call is added for the stop phase, which performs simply the closure of a database left open by the user.
filesize.C - Integer function, return the size of the file in kBytes.
freespace.C - Integer function, return the available space on UNIX filesystem
ifopen.F - Call for UTSTAGE is added
qnext.F - correction in counter (OI)
utinit.F - Call for UTSTIN is added, the "arte" version is corrected
utstage.F - routine , that performs STAGEing of files from tape to temporary disk using " osmcp " facility. Currently it works only on On all other machines this routine does nothing.
utstin.F - Perform the initialisation of variables STAGEDIR, STAGECOM and STAGETMP, used in UTSTAGE.
include/ - 3 new variables are added at the end of /ARTEFLAG/
Common block:
include/ - extend c78 character string for long path names
include/ArteUtil.h - - " -
include/ - - " -


hbinstall - removed as obsolete
Makefile.rules -
  • Empty Targets for Makefiles introduced to speed up make
  • Dummy commands for targets with only dependencies to speed up make
  • No support for $(MODULE) any more (will still work, but print a warning)
  • New Target 'largedepend'. Like 'depend', but invokes makedepend for each source file seperatly. Takes more time, but avoids error "Out of memory increase MAXFILES".
  • Target .depfile... creates dummy (empty) dependency file.
  • Targets .depfile... depend and largedepend will produce (and check) for a line which identifies dependency file as belonging to HERA-B make mechanism
  • for (system) include files which are not found by mkdepend a dummy include directory with empty include files is created by the install Makefile. The respective dependencies are filtered out from the 'make largedepend' output. (A similar solution has to be found for 'make depend')
  • small fixes/enhancements
Makefile.setup - hardcoded list of ARTE include directories (This is already true for ARTE-01-07-r1, but I think it wasn't mentioned before)


Makefile - bug fixed


DbArteBridge.c - bug fixing
DbUtils.c - bug fixing


dd/GEDE.dd - small fixes (slashs)
dd/PTGE.dd - - " - - - " - - - " -


dgcalinit.C - output correction (avoid obsolete output in compilation)
dgo96.F - Fix y-position indexing bug A. Schwartz 5.12.97,
bug correction(S.N.)
dgpto.F - errors in using the track slopes are corrected
dgsil.F - bug correction
dgotr.F - - " -
dgmsgc.F - - " -

doc :

ARTE*.txt - converted into HTML format and update

examples :

dbgean.kumac - example how to write geo file with the database facilities
dbread.kumac - example how to read geo file with the database facilities
geansim.kumac - the line "CLOSE GEOMOUT" is added: the geometry file will remain correct even if the job would crash during the run. Moreover, all the events exept the latest will be accessable in following. The obsolete lines "GEANT/CONTROL/KINE 2", "GEANT/CONTROL/SWIT 5 -2" and exclamation marks are removed.
readandmix.kumac - "!" marks are removed.
usinit.vertex - An example of initialization of RANGER/ideal
usevnt.vertex - An example of event processing :
MC events was digitized by DGEVNT ,
tracks reconstructed by RANGER ,
vertices (K0,J/psi and primary) was reconstucted by RCVERT .

gean :

Makefile - filter out any optimisation for compiling ptldat.F
crgwal.F - bug correction
itlgeo.F - - " -
pipgeo.F - - " -

geo :

gesl.dat - bug, SI08 shifted to right position

kart :

kastag.F - Routine for KUIP business, if user wants to change the default values of STAGEDIR, STAGETMP and STAGECOM variables

kuip :

db.kumac - database configuration file for ARTE-01-07-r2

l1si :

l1gifill.F - removed as obsolete

pyth :

Makefile - corrections

rang :

dmdef.F - Changes to accomodate modifications in geometry (run "0")
dmdom.F, - - " -
tfinit.F, - - " -
tfversion.F, - - " -
include/, - - " -
include/, - - " -
tfwall.F - Changes for reduced printout in tfwall
tftrkut.F - corrected


rcvert.F - Reconstuct K0s,J/psi and primary vertices, book and fill arte table RVER with the help of official vertexing tools available for version ARTE-01-07-r2.

v0fit :

rk*.F - fast magnet tracing
v0k0s.F - improved selection of track candidates for K0s reconstruction
v0fext.F - call of new rk*.F routines
v0musc.F - call of new rk*.F routines
xid.F - set lepton id probability to 0.95 (from 0.90)

vt :

This is a genuine version of T.Lohse vertex package.
A few routines : vtrec,vtwir,vtrini,vtpsto, was added to use vertex package in arte environment for reconstuction of primary vertices.

vtpsto.F - store information about primary vertices in arte table RVER
vtrec.F - make initializtion and invoke vtprim
vtrini.F - fill track buffer of vertex package
vtwir.F - fill wire buffer of vertex package

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