ARTE-01-08-r2 release note

The next subrelease ARTE-01-08-r2 is available now in

The link ARTE-01-08 -> ARTE-01-08-r2 is set.

External MIZZI(mcshb-2.2) and CLHEP packages are required.
Please take care to have them installed on your machine.

The features of ARTE-01-08-r2:

Distributive file ARTE-01-08-r2.tar.gz (1.9 MB) is available from WEB.

The following codes were changed:

Makefile for ARTE installation (the global and local for each package),

aria/jets/pyth , arte , bin , care , dd , digi/gean/geo , examples , jets , l4trig , makefiles , marple , murec , pyth , rang , rich , user , v0fit , vt ,