ARTE-01-08-r3 release Note


ARTE-01-08-r3 is installed in /afs/
Symbolic link is set to the new sub-release: ARTE-01-08 -> ARTE-01-08-r3
Distributive source file ARTE-01-08-r3.tar.gz (2 MB) is available here or from the directory /afs/

The libraries and test executables are available in /afs/$HBBINTYPE

bison - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement) was used for installation of EVDIR package.

The following table shows the operating systems and used compilers for Hera-B reference platforms: HBBINTYPE SUN_EGCS was introduced to try DESY's testing installation of egcs-1.0.2 release.
DESY Computer Center will take care to install egcs compiler for HERA-b platforms available at DESY.


ARTE-01-08-r3 is completely backward compatible with ARTE-01-08-r2 version.
A detailed list of changes of the Detector Geometry implemented in previous ARTE-01-08-r2 version is here .

New features:

For security reasons the default name of user's object directory contains the exact name of the sub-release now.
Please take care to remove the object directories corresponding older versions if they are not needed any more.

New modules:

  • RISE - program for stand alone RICH reconstruction (RIngs SEarch).
  • CM - Cebra Memory Package.
  • EVDIR - EVent DIRectory Package.
  • GPACK - events packer
    sub-directories 'examples' contain the documentation and examples how to use CM, EVDIR and GPACKpackages
  • FARM - online Arte adaptation.

    SUSI-1 - the package adapted to the current ARTE version. Update of the SUSI data kumac files.
    susiexample.kumac is available in the directory 'examples'. A short user's guide will be provided separately.

    ARTE-01-08-r3 version successfully runs on OSF1 reference platform in Munich

    Corrections of bugs discovered during last weeks in
    arte , gean , geo , l1si , makefiles , marple , pris , pyth , rich , susi , kuip , examples

    List of modifications:

    Natalia Ratnikova