ARTE-02-07-r3 sub-release


  • Available in /afs/
  • Contains corrections, improvements and new modules
  • ATTENTION: upgrade OS on IRIX_mips4 from 6.2 to 6.5
  • The following table shows status of ARTE libraries and information about Hera-B platforms and used compilers: * - compiled with the optimization option -O2


    Source tar file ARTE-02-07-r3.tar.gz (2.5 MB)

    For binary distribution get corresponding binary tar file
    containing library, test executable and include subdirectory:
    ARTE-02-07-r. Linux_intel.tar.gz (7 MB)
    ARTE-02-07-r3. Solaris_sparc.tar.gz (10 MB)
    ARTE-02-07-r3. IRIX_mips4.tar.gz (9 MB)
    ARTE-02-07-r3. HP-UX.tar.gz (9 MB)

    Compatibility with other Hera-B projects

    New verions of DATAMGR, VDS, GLOBAL are required:

    DATAMGR version DATAMGR-01-04
    VDS version vdslib2-13
    GLOBAL version GLOBAL0-8

    MIZZI, LEDA, ONLINE - the same as for ARTE-02-07-r2.

    New modules:

    ALCA - for allignment and calibration
    version alca-00-00 includes:
  • global allignment package from Dmitry Bandurin (see README),
  • steering routines

    First version of RITER :
    RICH reconstruction algorithm (iterative ring search) from Rok Pestotnic;
    Setting the environment variable RICH_CONFIGDIR and RITER_CONFIGDIR is now optional. By default, the initialisation files are read from $HB/geo/RICH.

    List of modifications:

    Makefile , arte , care , dd , digi , examples , farm , gean , kart , makefiles , pris , rang , reco , rich , rire , rise , silarte , user , wax