ARTE-02-08-r1 version

It's just a Beta-release of ARTE-02-08 which doesn't include all the development yet.
The further modifications will be included into the next sub-release.

Some found bugs/problems:


* - compiled with the optimization option -O2


Source tar file ARTE-02-08-r1.tar.gz (~3 MB)

For binary distribution get corresponding binary tar file
containing library, test executable and include subdirectory:
ARTE-02-08-r1. Linux_intel.tar.gz
ARTE-02-08-r1. Solaris_sparc.tar.gz
ARTE-02-08-r1. IRIX_mips4.tar.gz

Unpack both source and binary tar files in


version DATAMGR-01-04
ONLINE version Rev0602
GLOBAL version GLOBAL0-9
LEDA version LEDA_2.1.2
MIZZI version mcshb-2.2
VDS version libvds2-14

List of modifications:

alca , arte , cats , dbarte , dd , digi , examples , farm , gean , kart , l1si , marple , murec , rang 4.14/00 , reco , rich , rire , rise , riter , silarte , trdrec , user , wax