ARTE-02-08-r2 sub-release


  • available in /afs/
  • the soft link ARTE-02-08 is moved from ARTE-02-08-r1 to ARTE-02-08-r2
  • contains corrections and improvements in Makefile , alca , arte , cats , dbarte , dd , digi , examples , gean , l1si , list , makefiles , pris , rang , reco , rich , silarte , user , v0fit , vt
  • The following table shows status of ARTE libraries and information about Hera-B platforms and used compilers: * - compiled with the optimization option -O2


    Source tar file ARTE-02-08-r2.tar.gz (~3 MB)

    For binary distribution get corresponding binary tar file
    containing library, test executable and include subdirectory:
    ARTE-02-08-r2. Linux_intel.tar.gz (~8 MB)
    ARTE-02-08-r2. Solaris_sparc.tar.gz (~11 MB)
    ARTE-02-08-r2. IRIX_mips4.tar.gz (~10 MB)
    ARTE-02-08-r2. HP-UX.tar.gz (~5 MB)

    Unpack both source and binary tar files in


    New VDS version libvds2-19 is required.
    ARTE-02-08-r2 may probably become incompatible with the previous ARTE versions due to modifications in data tables (dd) and other changes.