ARTE-03-01-r2 sub-release

  • includes corrections and improvements in
    Makefile , arte , cluearte , dd , digi , examples , farm , gean , kart ,
    list , makefiles , marple , murec , rang , reco , rich , rise , user
  • new OTR dd tables from Dirk Kruecker
  • new routines/features in OTR geometry from Sasha Lanyov
  • few updates for the MC generator from Thomas Lohse
  • new versions of cluearte (Christoph Borgmeier) and marple (Olya Igonkina)
  • versions of used HERA-B projects are hard coded in Makefile.setup


    Sources and libraries available in /afs/ from 1/09/99
    The following table shows status of ARTE libraries and information about Hera-B platforms and used compilers: * - compiled with the optimization option -O2


    Source tar file ARTE-03-01-r2.tar.gz

    For binary distribution get corresponding binary tar file
    containing library, test executable and include subdirectory:
    ARTE-03-01-r2. Linux_intel.tar.gz
    ARTE-03-01-r2. Solaris_sparc.tar.gz
    ARTE-03-01-r2. IRIX_mips4.tar.gz

    Unpack both source and binary tar files in


    version DATAMGR-01-06
    ONLINE version Rev0602
    VDS version VDS-03-01-r2
    DATABASE version hblipcs3.0
    BEE version BEE-0-72
    BEE distribution: /afs/

    List of modifications: