ARTE-03-06-r3 release


Availability at

ARTE-03-06-r3 version is available in /afs/, it includes
  • kuip module is available again
  • bug corrections in gean,makefiles,ptset, rang, reco, rich, rire
  • new features in a number of modules (note a full List of ARTE modifications compare to ARTE-03-06-r2 )
  • The following table shows status of ARTE libraries and information about Hera-B platforms and used compilers: * - compiled with the optimization option -O2


    Source tar file ARTE-03-06-r3.tar.gz (2.9 MB),
    Sorry, binary distribution tar files are not yet available.


    ONLINE version = Rev0608 + additionally ARTE-03-06-r3 requires
    DATAMGR version = DATAMGR-02-03
    VDS version = libvds2-25
    DATABASE version = hblipcs3.15
    ITR version = libitr6-2
    BEE version = BEE-0-82
    BEE distribution: /afs/
    GLOBAL version GLOBAL0-29

    Noticed problems and bugs

    List of ARTE modifications:

    alca , arte , cats , digi , examples , farm , gean , kuip , makefiles , ptset , rang , reco , rich , rire , rise , user , wax ,