ARTE-03-06-r7 sub-release (testing)


Availability at

  • ARTE-03-06-r7 version is installed in /afs/ for the test purposes.
  • It will vanish as soon as the next regular release will be available.
  • The only material changes are :
    - provide missing feature in RSEG.dd
    - link libotr.a from OTR project.
  • ARTE libraries are built for the following platforms: * - compiled with the optimization option -O2


    No distribution: this is a testing version.


    ONLINE version = Rev0613
    DATAMGR version = DATAMGR-02-05
    VDS version = libvds2-25
    DATABASE version = hblipcs3.15
    ITR version = libitr6-2
    OTR version = libotr1-0
    BEE version = BEE-0-82
    GLOBAL version GLOBAL0-31

    List of ARTE modifications: