This instruction explains how to start using ARTE.
It implies the installation of ARTE to be done.
You need a GNU make which might be available as gmake or make.

How to start working with ARTE

  • Define the necessary environment:

    For ARTE-02-05 and newer versions:
    . /afs/
    For older ARTE versions:
    . /afs/

  • Create a working directory, for example:

    mkdir arteuser
    cd arteuser

  • To get ARTE production version copy the content of the directory "$HBROOT/ARTE/pro/user" into your working directory:

    cp $HBROOT/ARTE/pro/user/* ./

    (you do not need to copy CVS directory, as this is not a part of ARTE software,
    this directory only contains some auxiliary information for the version control at

    To get specific ARTE version use the version name instead of "pro".

  • Copy required *.kumac files into your working directory, see examples in:


    increase the value of variable NARZEB in if you want to produce MC events (8 000 000 could be enough)
  • Now you may edit the Makefile , users and *.kumac files, add other programs for your specific problem.

  • To create executable and run a program type :

    gmake run

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