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MARPLE prototypes
included by marple.hh header file
RcPoint class Family
MARPLE structure of parameters for match
MARPLE main class to do match
Example HOW to write match function
The section Usage explains how to make a match with MARPLE and what is necessary for this aim. See also section Introduction for philosophy of the package.

The header files MARPLE prototypes and MARPLE default objects allow to include the package inside C++ function.

RcPoint class Family consists of a base MARPLE class with its derived classes suggested for work with ARTE tables RSEG/RTRA/RCCL/HITB. The RcPoint object could be used also for the other reconstruction aims because it has a structure common for the HERA-B reconstruction packages ( 3-dim. geometry point, slopes, momentum information, covariant matrix). RcMatchConst structure contains parameters of the matching procedure. Use RcMatchBuilder for match operations. Some Tools are suggested for optimization of the parameters of match and provide some more possibilities to optimize the default algorithm.

\footnote{Fortran routine could be called in C++ by two ways. First is to add underscore symbol at the end of name of fortran routine. Another way is to use CLHEP method FORTRAN_ROUTINE(routine name)(arguments) which is supposed to be machine independent but in most cases correspond to the first way. Both styles are used in this manual.}

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