Supplied Products

Match SVD - PC-OTR
Match SVD - Outer Tracker
Match SVD - Main Tracker (MC)
Match SVD - ECAL
Match SVD - RICH
Match Outer Tracker - RICH
Match Outer Tracker - ECAL
The package provides a set of matching algorithms optimized for some concrete cases of general interest. The functions included in the present version are enumerate here. More functions is foreseen to be included later with development of the HERA-B reconstruction chain. The request for the optimization of the algorithm to be included into the chain should be sent to the author. Most of the productes are forseen within reconstruction chain which work on real data except match SVD-Main Tracker which was designed for Monte Carlo studies of golden B decay.

All supplied productes require the fulfillment of the Convention of the Reconstruction Modules and correct marple invocation (see Quickstart (KUIP commands) section). All momentum estimations are done within marple package.

For each products there is a small explanation of main idea, list of the parameters of match, recomendation for usage.

Comment : One has to remember that there are ghosts of match. And the higher number of combinations the higher level of ghosts. So if one consider match of SVD segments with all possible ECAL clusters the combinatorical background will be very high while if one will set the cut on transversal energy Et of cluster the occupancy of such clusters will be lower and therefore combinatorical background will be lower.

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