a manual on MARPLE package for HERA-B reconstruction program
Quickstart (KUIP commands)
Supplied Products
RSEG parameters of MARPLE segment
Prolongation of segment and Momentum estimation
Reference Manual
Performances of match
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matching of the ARTE reconstruction packages

MARPLE package is designed under ARTE frame for matching of different reconstruction objects provided by ARTE packages such as RANGER, HOLMES/CATS, CARE, etc.

The section Introduction shows shortly the philosophy of the MARPLE and describes the internal structure of the package. If you want jump right into using default MARPLE algorithms go to section Quickstart. The description of matches provided by package could be found in Supplied Products. Complete features of package are described by the Reference Manual. Example presents the implementation of MARPLE for some concrete problems.

Unfortunately, the documentation of MARPLE is not generated automatically and could be not up to date. However the internal structure of MARPLE does not change, so the Reference Manual provides proper information. The most changes concerns Supplied Products where parameters could be tuned or new matches could be added. The part of documentation for the previous releases could be extracted from the sources of the release. The changes of package since the previous release are summarized in Change-Log book. Also consult with ARTE release note for latest principle changes.

Please, contact the author for more information or with comments/suggestion/bug reports.

Olya Igonkina

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