HBGEAN consists of a set of subroutines or functions, supplemented to the CERN GEANT package version 321 [see CERN GEANT manual], which

HBGEAN is implemented in the ARTE program. Therefore the rules for getting a working executable are the same as for ARTE. Once the ARTE program is started HBGEAN will be activated by a steering command (card) GEAN inside the ARTE command file (in the following called .kumac-file).

HBGEAN expects event or track data from event generators or from files (if from files these must be given either in the ARTE format or as ntuple file in HEPEVT format). In both cases events of different channels can be merged to one superevent before tracing through the detector. During the tracing histograms can be made and analyzed directly and/or GEANT-hits (signal hits) can be written out for further analysis in subsequent programs. The digitization, i.e. the transformation of Geant-hits in real data like signal hits is made in a separate package DIGI and not part of HBGEAN. Nevertheless few informations will be given in this manual.

All general GEANT commands can be used (see GEANT-manual). These commands together with special input commands needed in HBGEAN must be given in the .kumac file or via the terminal in interactive runs.

In the following we will concentrate on

Siegmund Nowak: 1999-11-26