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Rainer Mankel
Humboldt University Berlin

Currently mantained by:
Alexander Lanyov


Take into account the changed meaning of fields dx, dy, dz in GTAR tables for target wires with a tube shape.

Submitted for ARTE-04-01-r4, 28-Nov-2002 AL


Improved drawing of some Monte Carlo particle tracks having no MIMPs. Now also the data from mtra->mtcp and mtra->leng are used.

This can have an unwanted side effect: too many low-energy photons are drawn. To reduce their number, a cut on the momentum of neutral Monte Carlo particles can be done by command

   STYLE PMIN=0.01
which sets this cut to 0.01 GeV. Charged particle tracks are drawn without using this cut.

Submitted for ARTE-03-09-r7, 04-Mar-2002 AL


Command DICELL RTRA=... option added. Making cross-section of OTR cells along RTRA 10 can be done by command:
           dicell -hs rtra=10
Submitted for ARTE-03-09-r5, 15-Nov-2001 AL


Updated RSEG_cmp bits: Slte, Sltmu, Cats, Marple, Clone.

Submitted for ARTE-03-08-r9, 14-May-2001 AL


New command DIOTR shows number of OTR single layers for a given superlayer. Number of passes of OTR single layers is shown for a straight track coming from target (x=y=z=0).

Parameters of command:

  1. SL - superlayer name (can be generic, e.g. PC or ALL)
    If SL=ALL then all OTR superlayer are selected.
    If SL=PC then all PC superlayer are selected.
  2. lay - stereolayer (use 0 for all stereolayers)
  3. Usemask - non-zero if channel mask should be used (default is non-zero)
    (=1 - count good cells)
    (=2 - count bad cells)
  4. Countcell - non-zero if cells should be counted (default is single layers)

Recommended sequence of Prism commands:

   view 0 -n
   sty stereo=y sens=y head=n
   scope MC01
   frame -r -n
   draw; diotr MC01 3 1 0; dilay MC01 3
   greset; pitext 10 17.2 'MC01: layer 3' 1 0.6 -130 20

Submitted for ARTE-03-08-r8, 01-Apr-2001 AL


DICELL now works also for OtrI, not only for Wax interface to OTR channel status (thanks to D.Goloubkov).

Submitted for ARTE-03-08-r7, 11-Mar-2001 AL


Introduced option to request continuation of RSEGs to some Z coordinate. After STYLE ZCONT=-5, RSEGs will be continued as straight lines to Z = -5 cm. To switch off this behaviour, use large negative number, e.g. STYLE ZCONT=-900. Segments are not continued through magnet.

Submitted for ARTE-03-07-r9, 01-Oct-2000 AL


SLT information is displayed if style slt=y is on. SLT information can be used to determine the cross-section plane for displaying OTR cells, e.g.: DICELL -HS TRIGGER=0 TRACK=1 Output of STYLE -L changed, names of parameters updated.

Submitted for ARTE-03-07-r5, 06-Aug-2000 AL


Reconstructed segments can be picked by /DI/PICK RSEG. Additional information is displayed with picking GEDE.

ITR hits are drawn with smaller circles. Hit color is green for top chambers, and violet for bottom chambers (thanks to T.Zeuner).

View command does not reset the frame if view is changed from 1 (ZX) and 7 (ZU) or 8 (ZV).

Submitted for ARTE-03-07-r3, 11-Jul-2000 AL


After style rtrhit=n RSEGs are drawn not by RHITs, but by the segment endpoints.

Additions in DICELL command:

Submitted for ARTE-03-06-r6, 02-May-2000 AL


Command FRAME now allows to move window Up, Down, Left or righT with options -U, -D, -L, or -T (unfortunately, -R was already used for Reset).
Factor can be specified: e.g. FACTOR=0.5 means to move only by half of screen.

Submitted for ARTE-03-06-r2, 14-Mar-2000 AL


New dicell command for OTR cut view with capability of displaying cell status, hits, and some additional information. Introduced new Prism colours: CEH - to display cells with HITB, CER - to display cells with RHIT.
Introduced commands PILINE to draw line, PIBOX to draw box.
When Prism is initialized, it looks for file prism_init.kumac in the current directory, and if found, executes commands from it.

Submitted for ARTE-03-04-r1, 04-Nov-99 AL


New dicell for OTR cut view with capability of displaying cell status, hits, and some additional information.
This is a preliminary version which will be changed further.


Reconstructed track trajectories can now also be displayed if only the information in RTRA is available. This is useful eg for application on reconstruction output where the RHIT table is usually not at hand. It is mainly intended for investigating reconstruction vertex assignments. This feature is automatically invoked for charged tracks when no RHIT table exists but the hit count in RTRA  is non-zero. Note however that - due to multiple scattering - extrapolation of the trajectory from the first-point information alone is limited in presision, which becomes visible for momenta below ~5 GeV/c. Note also that the track length is not known in RTRA, and the endpoint is selected simply by guesswork based on the hit counts.

The default line thickness for rendering of MTRAs and RTRAs has been reduced for better resolution especially when judging vertex reconstruction. If you prefer the old style with thicker & more placative lines, you can get it back with the command

    display/style widrt=6 widmt=6

It is possible to restrict the display of reconstructed tracks to those belonging to a special vertex (eg. the second one) with

    display/parameters rver=2

Submitted for ARTE-02-08-r2, 4-Jul-99 RM


Display of reconstructed neutral particles (recognized by rtra->fit = 6) has been introduced. It is coupled to the display/style options rtra and neut, both of which must be active.

The assumed identity of the reconstructed particle according to a simple-minded particle identification is displayed when the display/style options rtra and type are both active.
The style options rpnt, rccl, gcal have been introduced, which switch the display of these objects.

A bug in the pick command has been fixed.

Submitted for dev, 21-Jun-99 RM


Some special outer tracker drawing commands dicell (displays a cut view of OTR honeycomb cells) and dilay ( displays GEDE volumes with color according to sector, both by A. Lanyov) have been added.

Display of target & background rates for real data (using routines by A. Gellrich) introduced (revoked later because of problems).

Submitted for ARTE-02-07-r3,  1-Jun-99 RM


Changes to allow TRD display (thanks to V. Egorytchev).

Tracker mimps and hits can now be displayed in lambda/phi angular view.

Hard stop in tumclo removed.

Submitted for ARTE-02-06-r3,  12-Mar-99 RM


Display of reconstructed tracks has been changed to use unified trajectory rendering scheme.

RVER and RCCL information is now included in display of reconstructed track


The display of RSEGs is now using the same unified trajectory rendering scheme as di1mc.


Submitted for ARTE-02-06-r1,  5-Feb-99 RM


A unified trajectory rendering scheme has been introduced and is for the time being used for MTRAs. A long standing bug which prevented the display of neutral Monte Carlo particles was fixed. The display of ECAL hits and clusters on the lambda-phi view (11) was enabled.

Submitted for ARTE-02-05-r3,  29-Jan-99 RM


A RICH event display has been introduced which was provided by D. Dujmic (thanks!). For this the new view 11 (lambda/phi angles) has been added. An ECAL cluster display provided by A. Somov (thanks!) has been added. RSEGs and ECAL cells can also be displayed on this view.

In the command syntax, the present Arte table nomenclature should now be used everywhere, eg you should use "pick mtra" instead of "pick mc" etc. Sorry for any inconvenience because of these changes, but I am sure that this way, the commands are easier to handle in the long run.

Submitted for ARTE-02-05-r2,  26-Jan-98 RM


Adaption to Arte-02. A frame stack which recalls the last five frame settings has been introduced (command: display/frame -b). A bug the reconstructed vertices display was fixed.

The references to Arte table names in commands and parameters have been streamlined and adjusted to the current Arte nomenclature. All occurences of the old terms MC, RC, PLANE etc should (hopefully) have been replaced by MTRA, RTRA, GEDE etc. Sorry for inconveniences if you have been accustomed to the old names, but in the long run the new nomenclature is clearly more consistent.

Submitted for ARTE-02-05-r1,  21-Dec-98 RM

Older versions

* 4.09/06 - RICH mimp's removed in di1mc.F
* 4.09/05a - option b in display/frame
* 4.09/05 - only tracker mimps in /zmh/, di1mc uses relation
* 4.09/04 - new include file reference scheme
* 4.09/03 - inclusion of A. Lanyovs shp modifications


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