ranger Versions

Rainer Mankel
Humboldt University Berlin


Cut parameters activated in tfmatrip(n),tfpropy(n).
Same-plane rejection in triplet finders tftripxn.F and tfcontyn.F.
rgzone.C uses now the entry layer to branch to next window.
Thus rgzonew.C is now obsolete.
Exclusion ranges from OTDR table are filled in rgdom.C.
Stereo angle margins in rgdom.C increased.
Submitted for dev, 20-Sep-99.


Inline comments of rg*.C improved.
Exclusion ranges added.
Submitted for dev, 10-Sep-99. 


rgextios.C:  mmbook&mmbrel was replaced according to recommendation of Christoph.

Submitted for ARTE-03-02-r1, 1-Sep-99.


Arte relation swap for Arte-3.
Better inline comments in navigator source.
rsegc->bit6 renamed to trit.
y_acs fix in tfcontyn.
External seed propagation.
Downstream propagation.

Submitted for ARTE-03-01-r2. 


Removal of some "stop" and "exit" statements which were sometimes executed in case of corrupted input. The behaviour of the code should be identical in case of consistent input.

Submitted for ARTE-02-08-r2, 6-Jul-99 RM 


New routine tfremv to assign RVERs to MVERs.


Muon segment treatment included in tfbuild, which now will also store orphan pattern tracker segments into RTRA

Reduced the output from new navigator.

Submitted for dev, 21-Jun-99 RM  



The new C++ navigator is introduced, but not used on default yet. Many new files in ranger.
Many preparatory changes for modular geometry. Usage of modular geometry not yet recommended!

Adaption to partial geometries

tfkuip() initialization of ranger commands splitted into tfkuip() for standard usage and tfkuip2() for expert diagnostics usage.
dgsel selection in old navigator introduced, needed for emulated partial geometries in run 99B.
New parameters qualminX,qualminY,nhitmin,whitmin, dgsel,navmode in zfpar.hh.

Bug fixes

Setting of qptEst in HitBase introduced (needed for fitting of holmes segments).
Superlayer setting in dmlay fixed.


Search of appropriate mimp improved in tftparm.
Monitor class introduced (only for performance testing).
Submitted for ARTE-02-08-r1, 12-Jun-99 RM


Automatic sort in Track.C constructors, new internal structure in rangerGeom class.
MS06 included in navigation table (dmdef.F).
Modified reference track criteria because of new layer structure in magnet (tfref.F,tfstam1.F).

Submitted for ARTE-02-07-r3, 1-Jun-99 RM  


The reconstructed cluster related to a RSEG is now also copied in seg2Track.C.
rgideal checks segstor before storing RTRA.
The refit after after pattern reco in rgmaintr() has been removed.
The exit on dz exception in Track.C has been removed.

Submitted for ARTE-02-06-r3, 12-Mar-99 RM


A bug was fixed in the ::storeRpnt() member function of State.hh,StateP.hh and StateP.C


The routine rgmaintr() was introduced which is the user routine for standard main tracker reconstruction in the full geometry.

Submitted for ARTE-02-06-r1, 2-Feb-99 RM




The initialization philosophy was changed to make the package self-initialized. Instead of tfinit, the basic initialization routine is now rginit. On its first call, rginit calls tf1init which does the same as tfinit previously. All subsequent calls to rginit have no

All the standard action routines like rangerFit, tfmatrip, rgfit, rgfitsv, rgideal, tfevnt call rginit automatically and are thus self-initialized.

Hence, the explicit initialization can be omitted, if

If parameters (eg rlevel_zfpar) are to be changed, a prior call to rginit is mandatory since otherwise the parameters would be overwritten.

For backward compatibility, tfinit is kept. It just calls rginit.

Bug fixes

seg2track.C: two bugs in setting the rtra/hitb relations were fixed.
RMap.C     : bug in the copy constructor was fixed


The following routines are old & obsolete & have been removed:


A C header file rang/zfout.hh has been added.


Adaption to ARTE-02-05 and new C++ interface. Thanks to A. Spiridonov and C. Borgmeier!


Considerable increase of functionality: tc propagation, compatibility analysis, integration of SVD segments have been implemented. See for details:


Update philosophy in the ranger fit geometry cache has been changed (condUpdate) , node constructors from HITB introduced, rgsv2t service routine.


Superlayer SI08 included in navigation table.


Considerable increase of functionality: object oriented ranger fit, fast magnet propagation. For details see:

Older Versions

* 4.08/02 - hardcoded domains fixed (tfdzone2.F), zmax_ec  (tfinit.F)
*                  rinit (tfrfseg.F), rtdir replaced (tftpar2.F),
*                  rkmain parameter list (tftrkut.F)
* 4.08/01 - modulo 2**16 in igede_sec (dmdir.F): released as ranger 4.8
* 4.08/00 - same
* 4.07/06 - new rk routines (T. Oest, T. Kuhn-Sander)
* 4.07/05 - minor corrections
* 4.07/04 - new include file reference scheme

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