ARTE distribution

How to start work with ARTE

A short description of the ARTE

The public directories, libraries, and data files necessary for running Arte are assumed to belong to a specific directory $HB which should be modified by experts only. Programs installed there are available in different versions, indicated by one of the attributes pro (current version), new (testing phase) or old (for conservatives). The specific ARTE variable are defined in $HB/checkouts/bin/hbprofile and in .hbsettings For more information look the ARTE manual (PS-File) (21/06/96)

How to begin work with ARTE program ( help for newcomers)

  1. To run an ARTE program the several environment variables must be set. It could be done by invoking the script hbprofile from your startup script such as .zshrc ( valid only for Z-shell)
    . $HB/$HBVERS/hbbin/hbprofile
  2. Create your private working directory
    mkdir yourdir
    cd yourdir
  3. Copy the user routines templates to your current working directory:
    cp $HB/$HBVERS/hbuser/* .
  4. Copy the standard test.kumac to your working directory.
    cp $HB/$HBVERS/hbkuip/test.kumac .
    To process already generated events end.kumac should be used
    cp $HB/pro/hbkuip/end.kumac .
  5. To run an ARTE program type:
    more complicated but more flexible way is to use make yourself

Some hints

The contact persons

In case of troubles ask a librarian from your institute or a ARTE librarian in Zeuthen/DESY (presently Olya Igonkina ( email:, tel in DESY: +49-40-8998-3276)

12-Apr-97 Olya Igonkina