BEE-0-99 documentation page

General Information

Description: BEE is a data analysis framework for high-energy physics experiments. BEE has been developed for the HERA-B experiment, but due to its architecture it can also be used in other experiments, e.g. LHCb
The AFS location of the BEE software is under /afs/
The official BEE homepage is
BEE is currently maintained by: Dr. Thorsten Glebe , Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany

BEE Project List

The BEE analysis software is due to its complexity organized in the following software-projects:
Project Version Description
arte /0-24 ArteTable / ArtePointer implementation.
cern /0-2 rudimentary CERN lib interface
clue /0-83 BEE event classes.
doc /0-34 Documentation for clue, gate, arte, geometry.
gate /0-24 STL compatible TClonesArray, TObjectArray.
gcombiner /1-15 A universal tool for combining objects.
geometry /0-19 Vector and LorentzVector classes (outdated)
grelation /1-26 A universal tool for object relations.
grover /0-0 Vertexing package, written by the MPI Munich group for ARTE
interfaces /0-21 All interfaces on which the BEE code is based.
pattern /0-27 Pattern based high-level analysis classes.
smatrix /0-18 High-performance Vector/Matrix/Vertex fit packages (based on template metaprogramming).
vt++ /1-33 C++ implementation of the FORTRAN package Vt from Th. Lohse. Now supplemented by the smatrix project.


HTML documentation of the BEE classes (HTML)
BEE Introduction (ps)
BEE Reference Manual (ps)
List of defined Particles (ps)


HTML documentation of the GCombiner classes (HTML)
GCombiner Manual (ps)
GCombiner Reference Manual (ps)


HTML documentation of the GRelation classes (HTML)
GRelation Manual (ps)
GRelation Reference Manual (ps)


HTML documentation of the Interfaces classes (HTML)
Interfaces Reference Manual (ps)


HTML documentation of the Pattern classes (HTML)
Pattern Reference Manual (ps)
SmartPointer Manual (ps)
SmartPointer Reference Manual (ps)


HTML documentation of the SMatrix classes (HTML)
SMatrix Reference Manual (ps)


HTML documentation of the Vt++ classes (HTML)
Vt++ Manual (ps)
Vt++ Reference Manual (ps)

Change Log of the current version

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=Cern  version=/0-2  state: development
  - Makefile improved

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=Clue  version=/0-83  state: development
  - MC_Track.C: bug fix in outsize(), added Mother, set_mother(), mother() members, improved print()
- RecoSegment: renamed all *_pinv() member functions to *_p(), removed call to sPinvToP() in  PrepareForVertexing(),
   removed test() member function
- GTopp: renamed sdecaysTo() to decaysTo() and sswith() to with()

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=Gate  version=/0-24  state: development
  ObjArray.C: removed TrackBase code removed TrackBase

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=Geometry  version=/0-19  state: development
  - Makefile improved

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=arte  version=/0-24  state: development
  - RSEG_cmp.hh: replaced bit20 by clonerm

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=doc  version=/0-34  state: development
  - added examples/rootrc
- bug fix in examples/checkPID.C
- html/ bug fix
- examples/*.C: renamed all sdecaysTo() calls to decaysTo() and all sswith() calls to with()

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=vt++  version=/1-33  state: development
  - CMatrix.C: in RecoSegment/RecoTrack CTOR's:  changed calls to *_pinv() to *_p()

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=grelation  version=/1-26  state: development
  - doc/Makefile: wwwdir changed

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=grover  version=/0-0  state: development
  - Grover is a vertexing package written by the MPI Munich group.
- GroverParticle.C, grover.hh: added for BEE a CTOR with an TrackIf& as argument

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=gcombiner  version=/1-15  state: development
  - doc/Makefile: changed wwwdir

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=interfaces  version=/0-21  state: development
  - doc/Makefile: wwwdir changed

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=pattern  version=/0-27  state: development
  - doc/Makefile: wwwdir changed

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=smatrix  version=/0-18  state: development
  - doc/Makefile: wwwdir changed

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