Cluearte 0-46 documentation page

General Information

BEE is a data analysis framework for high-energy physics experiments. BEE has been developed for the HERA-B experiment, but due to its architecture it can also be used in other experiments, e.g. LHCb
ARTE is the event reconstruction framework of the HERA-B experiment.
The AFS location of the cluearte software is under /afs/
Recent cluearte versions can be found under /afs/

Cluearte Documentation

HTML documentation of the BEE classes (HTML)
Cluearte Introduction (ps)
Cluearte Reference Manual (ps)

Change Log of the current version

   AUTHOR: --- clue@mhb06 ---
  Revision-Log: module=cluearte  version=/0-46  state: development
  EcalHit.C: added Xerr and Yerr

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