How to set up the ROOT environment for BEE:

  1. Copy the rootrc from the $HBROOT/BEE/BEE-.../examples directory to your home-directory $HOME and reame it to .rootrc. Modify the BEE-Version number in the Unix.*.Root.DynamicPath entry according to the installation you are going to use.
  2. Create a directory for your ROOT-macros, e.g. $HOME/macros
  3. Add this directory to the Unix.*.Root.MacroPath in your $HOME/.rootrc.
  4. Copy the files rootlogon.cxx , load.cxx and setup.cxx to $HOME/macros.
  5. Let the Rint.Logon: entry point to the rootlogon.cxx in your $HOME/macros directory.
  6. When you start root, the CLUE libraries will be loaded automatically.

.rootrc example with above modifications:


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Thorsten Glebe