l4robotG  -  GUI For l4aRobot Process

Author: Ruben Baghshetsyan
        YerPhI - Yerevan

  • Introduction
  •           This GUI is intended for monitoring and steering l4aRobot process.
              It checks (ON/OFF) status of l4aRobot every 60 seconds and shows
        that in the window.
              It also checks occupancy of a disk, currently /hb/data/ and free
        space on a tape.
              In case of errors, messages will appear below the time string.
           "Experts Only"
                   "Start" - start l4aRobot process
                   "Stop" - kill l4aRobot process
           "Help"        - show README file
           "Check"      - check disk occupancy and l4aRobot's status
                                  manually (automatically it checks itself every 60 sec)
           "Clear"       - clear string of error message
           "RobLog"   - view l4aRobot.log file
           "Quit"         - quit from GUI
  • Running
  •              This GUI is avaible for IRIX_mips4, Solaris_sparc
        and Linux_intel platforms. One has to execute script
        to run GUI.

    Last modified: 06 Apr 1999
    by Ruben Baghshetsyan